Shipping costs are included in the price! (Except For Lap Steel)

Frequently Asked Questions

Easy to Install & Easy to Play
Easy to Install and Easy to Play

In this FAQ, we have collected for you the questions most frequently asked by our customers, in order to help you. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

No, don’t worry, shipping costs are included in all our prices.

Yes, of course, I can ship worldwide.

Ideally one inch from where the strings are on the bridge, but nothing prevents you from moving it back or forward.
Here are the dimensions of the Bender: 34 mm x 25mm or 1.340 inch x 0.980 inch
You need at least one inch behind the bridge to install the Bender. If you have any doubts, please send me a picture of your instrument so I will be able to help you choose.
It weighs 114 grams.
Yes, you will receive an assembling notice as well as the adjustment keys and the necessary screws for the installation of the Bender in your delivery.
Yes, a paper template is provided as well as the necessary hardware for the installation of the easel.
You need to apply a micro drop of DW40 or a lubricant on the bridge where the strings are. We advise you also to change your bridge for Certano RRB1 / RRB2 / RRB3 bridges.
The “low” Bender is 3 mm lower than the “regular” Bender.
Yes, left handed musicians can easily play with the Bender!
Yes, you can install a Bender on an eight-stringed instrument.
The distance between the first and the last string is 52 mm.

The distance between the first and the last string is 66,6 mm.

The distance between the first and the last string is 72 mm.

The RRB1 / RRB2 / RRB3 bridges are all 16mm high.
No, it can only pull the strings.
Yes, the Bender can pull the strings by a quarter tone up to two tones, you set the Bender as you wish, there is no preset setting.
No, the strings are pulled and never twisted, therefore the strings do not break.
Yes, there is a screw to adjust the height of the Benders to your liking.

Yes, the benders can be retracted all the way back to allow you to play your instrument as if there were no Benders.

No, but we are working on it… 😉

Customer's Palm Benders & Bridges

Discover below, some examples of installations and mounting of our Palm Benders and various types of Bridges on the instruments of our customers who were kind enough to share their personal pictures with us.

Yes, in all the questions below you will find examples of our customers personal instrument.

Here are some example of some of our customers :


Fits ALL(most) Laps !
Certano Bender illustration