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Watch some demos
Watch some demos

David Certano’s two strings bender or B&G bender system is the fastest way to turn any lap steel guitar into a pedal steel and instantly capture that familiar, unique sound. You can bend up to two strings and the install is easy! You can also install it on Telecaster.

Certano Bender Install on a Recording King

In this video Troy Brenningmeyer takes you through his process of installing his Certano Benders on an affordable Lap Steel, Recording King with an Humbucker Pickup in Open D Tuning: D A D F# A D.

I installed a G and B bender on my Telecaster

Check out a video from Kbald's Youtube channel who explains how he easily installed his Certano G and B Bender on his Telecaster and how he set it up.

Fits ALL(most) Laps !
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