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David Certano

A passion for music since childhood
David Certano

My name is David Certano, I was born in 1968 in the south of France and I have been passionate about music since childhood. I have been a guitarist for a long time now.

My father played guitar and mandolin in a country and bluegrass band. I had the opportunity to acquire the pedal steel "Sho-Bud" from one of the musicians in his band.

I quickly realized that I would never have the time nor the talent to learn how to play this instrument properly, even though I love it.

So I chose to build something more compact, transportable and easier to play too: a six-string lap steel! After that, still passionate about the sound and effects produced by the pedal steel, I decided to modify my lap steel and to install a "Palm Bender" system of my own making.

I needed something that was robust and trustworthy, that would stay in tune throughout a concert and above all that would not break the strings.

Having a very precise idea of an ideal and reliable system, I had to build many prototypes before reaching a result that gave me complete satisfaction.

Following a success around me during concerts, on social networks, and, following more and more frequent requests from other musicians, I started to make my Benders more regularly until it became my job.

To mention the materials, I use aluminum for the body and the levers, bronze for the bearings which guarantee millions of movements without any particular lubrication, the main axis is in steel and the levers are in stainless steel.

Everything is carefully polished by hand and tested before being sent to the customer.

There are two models of Benders available: 'Le Carré Regular' for Lap steel and 'Carré Low' for the Telecaster type guitars.

Only two screws are needed for the installation!

'Le Carré Regular' for Lap steel

'Carré Low' for Telecaster guitars.

A roller bridge without radius is available to replace the original bridge and avoid friction.

It also allows the Bender to be installed on a wider variety of instruments. There is a six string model and two eight string models.

A set of instructions is provided with the Bender alone and there is a paper template for the installation of the bridges and the Bender + Bridge Combos.

Bridge “R.R.B.1” - Ideal for your lap steel fabrication projects

Bridge “R.R.B.2” - Designed for eight-string instruments

Bridge “R.R.B.3” - Designed for eight-string instruments

Bridge “R.R.B.1” with the Bender

Bridge “R.R.B.2” with the Bender

Bridge “R.R.B.3” with the Bender

Fits ALL(most) Laps !
Certano Bender illustration