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Fits ALL(most) Laps !
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David Certano’s two strings bender or B&G bender system is the fastest way to turn any lap steel guitar into a pedal steel and instantly capture that familiar, unique sound. You can bend up to two strings and the install is easy! You can also install it on Telecaster.

TWIST’N’VOL Volume Pedal

The TWIST’N’VOL Volume Pedal is a handcrafted rotary pedal made of wood. Ideal for keeping your lap steel stable when playing seated. You will gain in finesse and precision of play. It works with all instruments whether you are sitting or standing.

Fits ALL(most) Laps !
Certano Bender illustration
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Many of you have placed orders on the Certano website and I thank you. As of today I will only be able to deliver from September. However, you can still place your orders. I thank you for your understanding and your loyalty.

During this period, we remain permanently in touch with you. Do not hesitate to ask us your questions via our contact form.

Enjoy your visit on our website.

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