Palm Bender “Le carré Regular” for Lap Steels


The Palm Bender “Le Carré Regular” or B&G Bender, can be installed on many Lap Steels, 1 inch behind the bridge is enough.
It is suitable for various tunings.
You can adjust the palm bender to the comfort position that suits your hand and set the note you want.
The simple and straight system does not break the strings.
The two levers fold up completely if you do not wish to use the Bender.
Don’t hesitate to ask me questions.

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The Bender can be assembled in a few minutes without having any special knowledge.
Its effectiveness is in its simplicity.
The two levers are adjustable in height and spacing for a better playing comfort.
There are also two adjustment screws for perfect tuning.
If you do not wish to use the Bender, you can completely fold the two levers or lock it with its adjustment screws.
The Bender comes with a set of instructions and adjustment tools.

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